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If you would like to purchase a work please e-mail with details of the work and we will confirm if the work is still available.
All prices are ex studio (located East London, UK) - posting of unframed works may be possible depending on scale and destination and post and packing will be charged at cost.

Because of their delicate nature some works will only be sold framed and so will only be available for collection.

Information about framing and care of artworks can be found in the DOWNLOADS section below

Colours in the actual works will differ from the images seen on screen because of the translation from pigment to light source and also due to the vagaries and limitations of scanning the works. Generally the colours will not be as vivid in the works as pigments cannot match the luminosity of the screen. Much of the surface quality will also be missing from the images shown on screen compared to the originals and the tonal range may also be compromised... apart from that they're just the same!

Copyright of all works remains with the artist.
Please note that purchasing of a work does not transfer copyright and if you wish to reproduce the work for any reason permission must be sought from the artist.
If reproduction is for commercial purposes a fee may be payable.

If you would like to be informed about new works, exhibitions or other events please e-mail the address above and we will add your address to our e-mail list
(strictly for this usage only -addresses will not be passed on to anyone)
- you will need to type the address into your e-mail software.To avoid an excess of spam the address above does not function as an e-mail link.
Framing info and care of artworks click here for a free PDF download  

christmas gift December 2015 (available 24/12/15 until 06/01/16)

recommended image size is 100 x 150mm
on an A4 sheet

This file is now deleted  

christmas gift December 2013 (available 24/12/13 until 06/01/14)

recommended image size is 100 x 150mm
on an A4 sheet at 300dpi.

This file is now deleted  
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