Edizione Porcovolente

Bottom left corner of facade, windows closed
Central double door closed (25th December)
Complete calendar facade with all doors closed
Full width of top half of facade with all doors closed
View from above
Bottom left corner of facade, windows open
Central double door fully open
Complete calendar facade with all doors open
Right hand side of facade with doors open
partially concealed sliding door
SIZE H x W (mm)
Date Edition size Medium Price
240 x 240 x 460
1993-1995 1 A wooden box made of hardwoods and softwoods, stained, painted, varnished and waxed. It comprises base, four layers and roof, constructed so that the bottom three layers are interchangeable and can also be rotated through 180 degrees to provide various combinations.
Also two side pillars that slot into opposite sides of the box. All locked together with integrated wooden locks.
Within the roof is a chamber that can hold small marbles introduced through a removeable top cover. They can be released into the box through four traps individually operated that correspond to the four sides of the box and allow the marbles to fall through the box. Their path and destination is detemined by the arrangement of the layers of the box.
1. Tower complete, north face and west face        
2. Tower complete, west face and south face        
3. Tower complete, south face and east face        
4.Tower complete, east face and north face        
5 View from above with cover of top chamber removed.        
6. Locking mechanism for top of tower in open position to allow roof to be removed        
7. Detail of the lower part of one side column        
8.Oblique view of top with partially raised trapdoor mechanism        
9. Oblique view of top with cover of top chamber in place        
10. View of partially concealed sliding door at very base of the tower